Widex Hearing Aids in Houston, TX

One of the most widely heard complaints from hearing aid wearers is poor sound quality.

Because of a delay in the sound processed by traditional hearing aids, the wearer often hears a somewhat artificial-sounding or out-of-sync sound. This has become known as the ‘hearing aid sound’.

Now, with today’s new, cutting-edge technologies, hearing aid users can have access to revolutionary hearing aids that offer clearer, real-life, real-time sound. Widex has developed the technology needed for hearers to connect to the world around them with pure, undistorted sound.

Memorial Hearing is proud to offer this ground-breaking technology to help our patients live happily with the help of Widex Moment Sheer™ and Evoke™ Hearing Aids. Our staff can assist you with testing, fitting, and instructions on how to optimize your Widex hearing aid.

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The Widex Moment Sheer™

The Widex Moment Sheer™ offers many benefits for you to consider when choosing a hearing aid.

  • The Widex Moment Sheer™ delivers pure, natural sound quality with its ZeroDelay™ technology, effectively eliminating the delay that causes the artificial sound that many hearing aid users complain about. With this new, natural sound, over 90% of wearers are satisfied with their PureSound™ experience.
  • A personalized fitting can improve your sound quality even more and gives you a better perception of your own voice.
  • Recharging is easy and discreet. The sRIC model is the market’s smallest rechargeable receiver in canal hearing aid, while still supplying you with the power you need to hear pure and natural sound every day.
  • Never replace batteries again! The slim charger is easy to use and small enough to take anywhere.
  • The Widex Moment Sheer™ offers unrivaled durability with its water-resistant coating and smart engineering.
  • Versatility is available with three in-canal models and three in-ear models to choose from.

Choosing the Best Widex Hearing Aid

At Memorial Hearing, we are experts in providing hearing aid care for our patients. We first provide you with full diagnostic testing to determine if you have hearing loss, and if so, what kind of hearing loss you have. We use the standard headphones and test the tones using a bone oscillator to determine bone conduction. If it is determined that you need a hearing aid, we walk you through your options and work within your needs and budget.

Getting the Perfect Fit

Once your hearing loss has been evaluated and you and your audiologist have determined the right hearing aid for you, you will be fitted for your hearing aid.

Each Widex Hearing Aid is fitted specifically for you. Your audiologist will not only fit you, but they will also help you program your aids and show you the best ways to use them. Your Widex Evoke™ and Widex Moment Sheer™ operate with smartphone apps to control the various settings you need to access. Your audiologist will be available for adjustments or repairs as needed.

Hear Clearly Today

Widex has become known as one of the major hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They focus on sound quality and advanced technology to make wearing a hearing aid comfortable and natural.

Memorial Hearing in Houston, TX is proud to offer the Widex Moment Sheer™ and Widex Evoke™ hearing aids to our patients so that they can hear the world around them in the clearest, most natural tones.

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Image Source:  Pixsooz / Shutterstock