Pediatric Audiology

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At Memorial Hearing, we are dedicated to maintaining the health of your hearing, as well as with that of your child through our Houston pediatric audiology service.

What is pediatric audiology?

Pediatric audiology is the diagnosis and treatment of hearing and sound recognition problems in infants and young children. Hearing disorders may only become apparent as a child grows and their expected command of language and sound recognition increases. At Memorial Hearing, we see children ages 5 and up at this time and will be expanding in order to accommodate younger patients in the near future.

What conditions do pediatric audiologists treat?

Pediatric audiologists treat a variety of problems connected with hearing and speech, which is their specialty. Use of hearing aids is the most common method that your Houston audiologist will implement in order to get your child hearing again if the loss is such that it cannot be treated medically. If there is a different underlying condition that is indirectly giving rise to ear problems, your pediatric audiologist can refer you to an appropriate specialist. These can include infections of the ear, damage due to introductions of foreign objects into the ear canal, and malformations of any part of the ear and hearing mechanism.

What to expect at a pediatric audiology appointment

The first step will be to ask you about any symptoms you have noticed or particular concerns that caused you to come in in the first place. These general questions can offer your Houston audiologist insight into what might be going on, after which you will be told about the different types of testing that are recommended.

What services do pediatric audiologists offer?

There are many different types of tests to evaluate developing hearing disorders and which ones are recommended will depend on the symptoms and the age of the child. For very young children, it can be made into a game where the child does something every time they hear a sound. Older children may be able to respond in a more direct manner as an adult would. Testing of the function of the middle ear and inner ear is also possible.

Indicators of child hearing loss

The indicators of child hearing loss are in many ways similar to those of an adult, though they may be less likely to recognize the issue so you should look out for them. Indicators that can reveal a problem are your child speaking at too high a volume without the intent to do so, problems with holding attention and being unresponsive to verbal commands or directions. Another clue is when the child only responds to you when you are facing each other directly.

If you suspect your child (age 5 and up at this time) has a problem with their hearing, contact Memorial Hearing today to schedule an appointment.