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Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Styles (BTE)

BTE hearing aids are the world’s most common hearing aid style and can fit all ranges of hearing loss.


When you schedule an appointment at Memorial Hearing, you will get the chance to discuss a wide range of options to treat any amount of hearing loss you have suffered. Our audiologist will review every choice at your disposal, and you may discover that BTE hearing aids are right for you.

A “behind the ear” hearing aid is preferable for many patients because it is not as noticeable. It stays out of sight for the most part, and it will provide you with a number of advantages.

Benefits of BTE Hearing Aid Technologies

One great aspect of this particular hearing aid is that you can use it for virtually any level of hearing loss. This is why a majority of people who experience hearing loss choose to rely on BTE technologies.

Additionally, you may have no choice but to rely on a BTE model. There are certain forms of hearing loss where an in-ear unit simply will not do the trick. You need to make sure to talk with your audiologist to determine what model is best suited for your needs.

You have plenty of options when it comes to BTE hearing aids. They come in an array of colors to match your hair and skin tone. Most of these hearing aids are small and light, so they fit comfortably behind the ear. No one will notice, and you can listen to any conversation with peace of mind.

BTE hearing aids also are the most common type of aid that will allow connectivity to your cell phone and possibly other Bluetooth devices, so that you can benefit from the sound going directly through your hearing aids.

There are also apps that allow you to connect your BTE aids to your phone so that you can control a variety of things yourself if you feel the need, such as but not limited to frequency equalizer, volume control, changing of programs, mute function, “find my hearing aids” option and directional focus.

Inner Machinations of Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

There are three main components of any hearing aid. This includes the receiver, amplifier, and microphone. The hearing aid receives all of the sounds through the microphone. Through electrical signals, it converts those noises into sound waves that go into the amplifier. The amplifier increases those signals and sends them through the speaker.

There are additional components you can receive with your hearing aid. For example, you can receive a BTE hearing aid that comes with a slim tube. All of the major components are located behind the ear, and the tube directs the sound into your ear, which allows the device to help those that suffer from outer ear infections/drainage. Keep reading to learn more about your options, and talk to your audiologist to see if one would work better for your needs.

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Memorial Hearing has provided service to patients all over Houston, Texas, with various behind-the-ear hearing aids. To see which one would work best for you, schedule an appointment today. There is no reason to live with hearing loss when the team at Memorial Hearing can help you listen.

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