Phonak Hearing Aids in Houston, TX

Losing hearing can impact your life in different aspects. It may affect your work, relationships, and emotional well-being. However, all these can change if you choose the proper hearing aids. For the best experience, you should select hearing aids with different features. Phonak hearing aids are ideal because they offer unmatched sound quality and multi-functionality.

Keep reading to discover why Phonak hearing aids are your best option!

There Is Nothing Like The Sound of Paradise

Hearing can be considered something you do naturally. Having the ability to hear is a significant aspect of your existence and overall well-being. What other way to rediscover your hearing than with Phonak hearing aids? After all, our hearing aids offer the sound of paradise!

Phonak hearing aids come in different brands. They include:

Phonak Audéo Life™

Audéo Life is the world’s first waterproof hearing aid. It is rechargeable and combines the hearing performance of Audéo Paradise with solid new housing. This housing offers the hearing aids extra protection from water and sweat. Other features of Audéo Life include:

  • A crisp natural sound
  • Ability to withstand salt water
  • Tracking of health data
  • Empowering smart apps
  • Compatibility with smartphones, TV, Roger, and more
  • Enabled Bluetooth connections
  • Access with a single tap

Phonak Audéo Paradise

Audéo Paradise offers you an unrivaled hearing experience. These hearing aids come with specialized features. They include:

  • A crisp natural sound
  • Excellent understanding of speech
  • Health data tracking
  • Noise cancellation
  • A voice aid
  • Smartphone and TV connection
  • A crisp sound

These hearing aids also come in different colors. To top it off, they are waterproof, so you do not have to worry about water seepage.

Phonak Virto Paradise

Virto Paradise hearing aids are customized to fit your ears perfectly. They also deliver an unmatched hearing experience to enhance your lifestyle.

You can select the Virto P-312 if you want to enjoy universal connectivity. This type also connects to smartphones, TV, Roger, and more.

You can also switch easily between two paired devices with enhanced Bluetooth® capabilities. This will see you enjoy multiple Bluetooth® connections. Other features of Phonak Virto Paradise include:

Excellent understanding of speech: You can easily understand someone speaking softly or from far away. The hearing aid’s Speech Enhancer is a feature that boosts soft-level speech to allow you to enjoy conversations with others.

Differentiation: Virto Paradise can also differentiate between streamed speech and music. This enables you to have a seamless listening experience.

Crisp Sound: Virto Paradise delivers a crisp natural sound, which allows you to enjoy your surroundings.

Phonak Virto Paradise Titanium

Virto Paradise Titanium is the world’s 3rd generation of hearing aids made using titanium. Its titanium shell is usually 15 times more potent than acrylic.

With Virto Paradise Titanium, you will be so discreet that other people will barely notice it.

Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

Introducing Audéo Lumity with unique Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology for improved speech understanding. Fully immerse in conversations around you and enjoy easier hearing in many situations.

SmartSpeech Technology- SmartSpeech Technology is a unique collection of features, designed to deliver the benefits of improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort in various listening environments for those with a hearing loss.

Universal Connectivity- Phonak Lumity provides connectivity to iOS® and Android™ smartphones, TVs, Roger devices, and wireless accessories. Universal connectivity enables your Phonak Lumity hearing aids to seamlessly connect to all of your favorite devices.

Waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid– The second generation of the world’s first waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid can be submerged in up to ½ a meter of fresh, pool or salt water. It’s the ideal solution for people who would like to understand speech well even in physically demanding environments or those looking for a hearing aid that will withstand strenuous activity.

Phonak CROS Paradise

CROS transmits sound and voices from one side to the other, so your hearing ear can hear for both ears.  When CROS P is fit with a Phonak Audéo™ Paradise hearing aid, it helps people with unilateral hearing loss to hear speech clearly and follow conversations from all directions.

  • Follow conversations in quiet and noisy surroundings without having to reposition yourself
  • Hear speech from the side with hearing loss better even when in noise
  • Gain greater awareness of sounds from the side with hearing loss

Find The Right Phonak Hearing Aids in Houston

Losing hearing can impact your life in different aspects. It may affect your work, relationships, and emotional well-being. Do not worry because the existing variety of Phonak hearing aids will offer you unmatched sound quality and multi-functionality.

Phonak hearing aids also come with accessories such as phone chargers and microphones. These will help enhance your user experience.

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Image Source:  Robert Przybysz / Shutterstock