Audiology Services at Memorial Hearing


Ear Wax Removal And Ear Spa

At Memorial Hearing, we are excited to introduce an innovative new “ear spa” treatment that utilizes the Earigator™, the world’s most advanced system for eliminating ear wax buildup. The procedure is safe, free from discomfort, and can be completed in just a few minutes, offering significant improvements when compared to traditional methods.

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Diagnostic Hearing Examination

The first step to enhancing your hearing is understanding the current state of your hearing health. Our thorough multi-part diagnostic exam will evaluate all aspects of your hearing to discover where you’re having problems. Once we have a thorough understanding of your hearing loss, we’ll be able to recommend better solutions. At Memorial Hearing, we perform a full diagnostic exam including otoscopy, immittance testing, and audiometric testing.

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Sound Cafe

The “virtual sound café” has many uses. When a patient wonders if hearing aids will help them – we activate the noisy environment and do a demonstration with and without hearing aids and talk to them as if we are sitting in a restaurant with them. Experiencing the difference has left some patients speechless and in tears!

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fitting

We take the time to understand and explain all of our test results for every patient. You’ll have the opportunity to evaluate all of the options that are best suited for your particular kind of hearing loss, which allows you to find the ideal solution. We spend an incredible amount of time with you to also evaluate your lifestyle as that is also important when choosing hearing technology. From there, we can identify the right color, style, and fit for maximum comfort and style.

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Ear Mold Impressions

An earmold impression can be an important step for some patients when it comes to getting your perfect hearing aids. We create an accurate depiction of your outer ear, which allows us to fit you with a tailored solution that will be both effective and comfortable. Earmolds are not used for everyone, but dependent upon the severity of the loss as well as sometimes the patient’s dexterity, we may opt for adding earmolds.

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Hearing Aid Repairs and Loaner Aids

If you need a repair for your hearing aid, we’ll try to take care of things on the spot so you can get right back to your life. In the event that we need repairs from the manufacturer, we offer loaner hearing aids free of charge as a courtesy to all of our patients so you can still hear in the meantime.

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Follow-Ups and Adjustments

Our thorough tests and fitting processes enable us to match each patient with a hearing aid that can fit their needs as perfectly as possible right from the start. Just to be safe, we offer follow-up visits so we can make adjustments to fine-tune every experience. We use objective measures to test how the hearing aids are performing so as to obtain the most accurate depiction of what is happening as well as what needs to happen in order for your aids to be performing optimally.

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Tinnitus Therapy

If you are bothered by a constant sound (or intermittent for that matter) in your head or ears, you should have it evaluated by one of our Houston hearing specialists. You will be questioned to learn as much as possible about your experience of tinnitus and to understand when it is the most bothersome. Though it may not be possible to treat or cure the root cause that leads to tinnitus, new methods for dealing with tinnitus are available.

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Cognitive Screening

Research has shown a link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Evaluating your hearing loss early can help us better address your hearing and overall health while also providing peace of mind. Using the Cognivue system, our audiologists can help test five key parameters: memory, visuospatial, executive function, reaction time, and speed processing.

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Pediatric Audiology

When most people think of hearing loss, they usually picture someone older. However, hearing loss can occur in children as well. The seriousness of the loss can range from mild to extreme. Because language and speech skills are affected by any degree of hearing loss, diagnosis and treatment should occur as soon as possible- early intervention is key.

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Products Memorial Hearing Provides

Every situation is different, and our wide variety of products has been cultivated to meet every possible need. Unlike many other offices, we work with multiple manufacturers so that we can offer you the precise product for your exact needs. We only carry hearing aids from the best brands in the business, so our patients receive the highest level of quality from every hearing enhancement product we sell. More than the products, our services that come with the product also matter. We take pride in our ability to program the aids incredibly well allowing you the highest chance to do well with the chosen products.

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Contact Memorial Hearing

We’re in the business of helping people hear optimally, and we also strive to help our patients be heard. When you need to reach us, you can do so online, by phone, or in person. Before you come to see us, you can call (713) 984-7562, email, or fill out a simple form through our contact page.

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