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When you depend on the use of a hearing aid, the one thing you can’t afford is to have it not working. In order to ensure you are never stuck in this predicament, at Memorial Hearing, we keep everything you need on hand. Don’t go without the benefit of your hearing aid due to receiver failure or malfunction when help is available with a call to Memorial Hearing for all your Houston hearing aid supplies.

Hearing Aid Batteries

All batteries need to be replaced routinely, and sometimes they run out quicker than you expected or at an inconvenient time. If your battery appears to have failed, the first thing to try is to re-set it in your device in case it’s just a bad contact. If that doesn’t fix it, it probably needs replacing. Memorial Hearing is here for you to provide the correct replacement and to make sure nothing else is wrong with your hearing aid. Memorial Hearing offers the industry’s best hearing aid battery brand, which can not be found in your local store or pharmacy. We can even ship them directly to your home or office at no additional fee!

Wax Filters, Plastic Dome Tips, Dehumidifiers & More!

In addition to batteries, Memorial Hearing keeps all the other supplies and replaceable parts for your hearing aid, like wax filters, plastic dome tips, and dehumidifiers (regular as well as electric) in stock in our office. If it’s a simple fix you can make at home, we can mail them to you so you don’t need to come in. If you’re having more difficulty, you can always schedule a follow-up or drop the aid off so that we can take a look to see if it needs to be sent off for repair or be fixed onsite. Should there be a serious problem with your hearing aid that requires us to send it away to be fixed, we keep a range of loaner hearing aids on hand to hold you over at no additional fee.

A detail photograph of the back of an older mans head. He's wearing a hearing aid and you can see the hearing aid wrapping around the back of th ear.

Why Choose an Audiologist

You may think you can just get your hearing aid supplies from a retail store, but when you get your hearing aid supplies from Memorial Hearing, you know you are being served by an experienced audiologist who knows your hearing aid inside and out. Why take the chance of getting the wrong parts or poor advice with something so important? By going with an experienced Houston Audiologist like Dr. Elly Pourasef, you will also have the opportunity to have any ongoing issues addressed too, as we have the luxury of taking the time that is needed to address all of your needs and concerns, unlike many “chain” offices or ENT sites.

If you need hearing aid supplies or have any other concerns about your hearing or hearing aid, contact Memorial Hearing to schedule an appointment with your friendly Houston audiologist.

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