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Hearing Aid Evaluations. With the right hearing aids, you can restore your hearing to a level that enables you to return to the activities and lifestyle you enjoy most. Undergoing a professional hearing aid evaluation with an audiology doctor is an important step in the process of finding the best hearing aids to meet your needs

What to Expect at a Hearing Aid Evaluation Appointment

A man getting a Hearing Aid Evaluation by Dr. Elly Pourasef or Dr. Crystal WigginsAt your hearing aid evaluation, Dr. Elly Pourasef, Dr. Crystal Wiggins, or Dr. Hannah Dearth professional ear doctors in Houston, will first discuss your symptoms, medical background, and hearing goals to get a clear picture of your specific case. Then, she will administer a series of hearing tests to measure the type and severity of your hearing loss.

It’s not unusual for patients to be a bit nervous about hearing tests, especially if they’ve never gone through the process, but most are surprised to learn it is a simple and straightforward experience.

Generally, you’ll be provided with headphones (or other devices) that will emit sounds of varying volumes and frequencies. The tinnitus doctor will track the sounds you are able to hear (and those you cannot), then provide you with a detailed report of your hearing capacity. This report is then combined with details of your medical history, including factors such as heredity, sound exposure, and ear disease.

Your doctor will explain your hearing report in detail, offering her professional recommendation for the best hearing aids for your case.

Real Ear Measurement (REM)

Memorial Hearing provides Real Ear Measurement (REM), an advanced approach that is considered the gold standard of hearing aid performance. While not all audiologists utilize Real Ear Measurement, we consider it to be key in providing the ultimate in patient satisfaction.

REM is used to determine whether a patient’s hearing aids are delivering the exact amplification levels needed for optimal hearing quality. Instead of simply relying on the algorithm used by the hearing aids’ programming software, REM makes it possible to analyze the full spectrum of frequencies objectively to engineer precision-level amplification. As a result, your hearing aids will be fine-tuned to provide the best possible hearing improvement, even if you’re faced with severe hearing loss.

Benefits of Seeing a Professional Hearing & Tinnitus Doctor for a Hearing Aid Evaluation

A man having a personalized approach for the best possible results for a hearing aid evaluation by a tinnitus doctor or a hearing professional.We understand that our patients’ hearing needs and symptoms are highly diverse, requiring a personalized approach for the best possible results.

Unlike online retailers and “fast fix” hearing loss options, our team has expert-level training in an extensive variety of hearing loss types and specific hearing conditions, enabling us to provide detailed evaluations and individualized solutions.

Whether you’re dealing with sudden hearing loss, annoying ringing in-then-ear, or any other ear and hearing symptoms, we have the expertise and equipment to help. There are countless benefits to having your hearing evaluated by a professional ear doctor in Houston, including:

  • A specific diagnosis
  • Determination of the type and severity of your hearing loss
  • Elimination of other potential health concerns that include hearing loss as a symptom
  • Recommendations for a certain style of hearing aids
  • Suggestions for additional hearing products to suit your lifestyle

Schedule Your Hearing Aid Evaluation with an Expert Ear Doctor in Houston, TX

Ready to learn how the right hearing aids can change your life? Our professional audiologist will evaluate your hearing needs and provide her expert recommendations, making it easy to choose the hearing aids that best suit you. Eliminate the stress and frustration of trying to find the right hearing aids on your own, and trust your hearing restoration to Memorial Hearing.

For more information about hearing aid evaluations and to schedule your appointment, contact Memorial Hearing today. We can also be reached by calling (832) 981-5062.


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