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Follow-up adjustments are an essential part of getting your hearing aids to work correctly. At Memorial Hearing, we will always take the time needed to get it right.

What To Expect at Your Follow Up Appointment

The follow-up appointment is a critical part of getting your new hearing aids functioning well for you. The key is clarity, and we live by that rule at Memorial Hearing. This is the appointment that will transform your experience from just being able to hear something louder to actually being able to hear it more clearly. Hearing aids are intricate devices with many adjustable parameters that your Houston audiologist can program into them after developing a customized profile specific to you. Part of the follow-up is learning about your initial experience with your hearing aids, both how they are helping you and where it seems to be performing sub-optimally. With this information and further testing, fine adjustments are made. Memorial Hearing prides itself of state of the art objective measures that are implemented during the fine-tuning follow up. Unlike many offices, we do not just subjectively ask you how you’re hearing with your new hearing aids- we use objective measures to get a baseline of how you hear without and with wearing the aids and adjust them from there.

Why Hearing Aid Fitting Follow Up Appointments are Important

When you initially receive your hearing aids, you will not be used to them, and the optimal settings may change over time. That’s why it is critical to get a proper follow-up once you’ve had some time with them. It is basically a waiting period for your brain to get used to things, and that is why it’s so important not to wait long from the initial time you are told that you have hearing loss and need aids. The younger your brain and the least amount of time you wait from the onset of hearing loss, the better your results will be. It’s not simply a matter of picking them out and turning them on, as these are sophisticated devices designed to have settings adjusted to correspond to your present hearing ability. That can change, in which case further adjustment by your Houston hearing specialist is recommended.

What to Expect at An Adjustment Appointment

Even after your Houston hearing aid fitting and follow-up appointment, including initial adjustments being made, it is common to need more. As you become ever more used to your new hearing ability, you may notice you can now pinpoint problems that you were not sensitive to previously. You may see a telltale tone or auditory weak spot that indicates further fine adjustments are needed. Tests similar to those used during your initial Houston hearing exam can be used to further improve the performance of your programmable hearing aid.

Learning about Hearing Aid Care

When you’re getting your hearing aids, it’s a lot to take in during the initial evaluation and device selection. If it’s your first set of hearing aids you may feel overloaded and also have complicated feelings about the entire thing. The follow-up appointment is necessary is it provides an opportunity to ask any questions and express any concerns you didn’t get around to before, and we can also remind you how to take care of your hearing aids.

If you have concerns about your hearing aid’s performance or your hearing in general, contact us today to schedule an appointment with Memorial Hearing.

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