Earwax/Cerumen Management

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Depending on depth and thickness of wax, Memorial Hearing offers wax removal for patient’s so that the examination may continue. If we are unable to proceed due to impacted wax or any medical condition of the ear that would be a contraindication, we can refer out to trusted ENT’s (Ear, Nose, & Throat physician’s) with locations all over the city.

Having a blocked ear can be very uncomfortable or worse, can affect your hearing. This results due to a buildup of cerumen, also known as earwax, in the ear canal, which can block it and also become impacted deep in the ear canal near the eardrum. Generally, this can be corrected by a visit to your audiologist for earwax removal treatment.

Symptoms of Cerumen Blockage

An earwax blockage can be very uncomfortable, giving rise to an earache and, if it’s especially painful, it may already be causing an ear infection. A blocked ear can lead to a ringing in the ear, a feeling of pressure, and difficulty hearing. There may also be a bad smell as a result. Usually, this is resolved by the blockage being removed by your audiologist, though if there is a more serious underlying problem preventing this or the wax is completely impacted and deep in the canal, your audiologist will provide a recommendation for the next best solution.

How to Remove Earwax Blockage

Earwax is a normal part of your ear’s function, and usually it naturally works its way out as it is produced to fulfill its intended function of keeping your ear canal clean and disease free. Unfortunately, most people use cotton swabs (also referred to as Q-tips by some) to try to remove excess wax and end up pushing much of it back further into the ear canal where it becomes compacted. Generally, audiologists recommend only using a washcloth or cotton buds or swabs on the outermost portion of your ear if at all, and they should never be inserted into the ear canal.

If you are suffering from cerumen blockage, or have any other hearing-related problems or need custom earplugs to protect your ears, contact Memorial Hearing today for prompt and friendly service. Our team of Houston hearing specialists looks forward to hearing from you.

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