If you’ve developed hearing issues, it can be a confusing and scary time. But there’s nothing to fear! Dr. Elly Pourasef is an audiologist in Houston and is here to walk you through what your first audiology appointment will look like. While it’s perfectly natural to feel nervous, just remember that you’re on the path to healing and better hearing.

What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a specialist who works exclusively with patients who have impairments with their hearing. Sometimes referred to as a hearing aid doctor or a hearing and balance doctor, an audiologist also helps people who suffer from balance issues and tinnitus. Your audiologist will work with you to identify what is causing your issues with hearing or balance and help you find solutions to improve your quality of life.

What Tests Do Audiologists Administer?

Audiologists run three types of tests to determine the underlying causes of a person’s hearing issues. Those tests include:

Tympanometry: This is a pressure test that can detect issues such as perforations, fluid build-up or infections.

Audiometry: This is a test that determines the softest sounds (speech and tones) that you can hear. This test can signal whether you may need hearing aids.

Otoscopy: This is a visual examination of your ear canal that checks for structural issues.

How is an Audiology Test Administered?

Your doctor will most likely start with the visual otoscopy test before moving to tympanometry and audiometry. For the hearing pressure test, the doctor will apply light pressure to see how your eardrum responds. For your audiometry test, you’ll be asked to press a button or raise your hand whenever you hear sounds, as well as repeating a list of words at various volumes. This test will occur with headphones in a sound-treated booth. All the tests are painless.

How Long Does a Hearing Test Take?

Not only are audiology tests minimally invasive and painless, but they are also quick. Your test will likely take between 20 to 30 minutes and then you will be ready to discuss your results with your doctor.

What Happens at Your Appointment?

Your hearing care professional will begin by taking a case history. This step is extremely important as it provides your hearing aid doctor with clues and context to help figure out your issue.

Next, the hearing aid doctor will perform a series of tests designed to isolate what part of your ear is causing you trouble. You’ll submit to the speech, tone and pressure test in addition to a visual examination of your ears.

Once your tests have been completed, your hearing aid doctor will go over your results with you. If the tests signal that an underlying medical issue may be causing your hearing or balance issues, your Houston audiologist will make a referral to see another doctor. Otherwise, they will work with you on solutions such as hearing aids should you require them.

Make an Appointment with a Houston, Texas Audiologist

At Memorial Hearing, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best care for your hearing problems. Dr. Elly Pourasef is a Houston audiologist who has been treating patients since 2003. Under her compassionate care, you will finally begin to see improvements in your hearing difficulties. Contact us to make an appointment today.