We are all aware of how unpleasant and deafening an ear wax blockage can be, but it is important to take precaution when choosing which ear wax removal methods to use and which to avoid. Read on to learn more about the best ways to clean ears and how to clean ears.


Why and When Should You Clean Your Ears?

Due to impaction, you could develop hearing problems due to earwax build-up. It is important to constantly clean your ears to maintain good health and thus a good hearing condition. At Memorial Hearing, we advise our patients to have an ear cleaning appointment every three weeks to maintain good health. However, routine cleaning during a shower daily is highly recommended and sanitary.


When experiencing the following symptoms, it is also highly advisable to visit an ear cleaning professional; dizziness, fullness or pain in the ear, a plugged feeling, inability to hear well, itching, odor, or consistent cough.


Ear Cleaning Methods to Avoid

Generally, there are methods that most of our patients are advised against engaging in. These methods should be avoided because the risk-reward ratio is not in favor of the patient. Two of the most prevalent methods include ear candles and cotton swabs.

  • Cotton Swabs: The use of Cotton Swabs is especially not advised due to the increased risk of impaction, development of ear infections, and risk of injury. Due to its rugged nature, it is highly likely to irritate the ear. Therefore, it is not advised to clean your ears using cotton swabs.
  • Ear Candles: These are hollow cones or candles enclosed in wax-like fabric, which are suctioned into the ear by burning one end of the candle and placing the pointed end in the ear. However, ear candles pose a real risk of injury to the inner parts of the ear. First, lighting a candle so close to your face could be dangerous for the risk of burning from either the melted wax or lit flame. The melted wax could also pour into the ear canal, leading to durational hearing loss.


Best Ways to Clean Your Ears

Three main methods used in ear cleaning are wholly approved and even recommended to our patients. We recommend these options because they are among the best ways to clean your ears. 

  1. Over-the-counter ear cleaning drops: Ear cleaning drops are among the best ways to clean your ears that are available in over-the-counter forms for purchase. These drops are the most effective when there are small amounts of wax. The presence of hydrogen peroxide makes it especially suitable to break down the wax and thus make it easy to remove. However, they are not advisable to treat infections or impacted ears.
  2. A Bulb Syringe: Bulb syringes are also available at grocery stores and drug stores. If the ear drops fail to work, flushing the ear with a bulb syringe might be necessary. By squeezing gently on the bulb, pour some well-regulated warm water into the ear and, after a while, turn your head over the sink to let the water flow out. The warm water breaks down the wax and lets it flow out.
  3. Mineral and Olive oil: Olive oil and mineral oil are most effective when implementing other cleaning methods later. These are great cleaning options because mineral oil or Olive oil lubricates the ear canal and breaks the wax easily. 


Safe & Professional Ear Cleaning in Houston

If you have been experiencing the symptoms listed above or any other, it is highly recommended that you seek an expert’s opinion. At Memorial Hearing, we offer a variety of ear treatment and cleaning services that suit your needs. Contact us today for any queries about our ear cleaning services.