When you need a new hearing aid, you need to turn to a team that relies on Real Ear Measurement. Memorial Hearing uses precisely this to make sure you get the best-sized hearing aid. There are numerous benefits of real ear measurements, so make sure you get one before you purchase any hearing aid.

What Are Real Ear Measurements?

Real Ear Measurement, or REM, is a type of analyzer that takes a computerized image of a hearing aid spacing. It takes into account a person’s canal shape, size and hearing processes. Everyone has differently sized canals, so you cannot just take any hearing aid and put it in a person’s ear. For the best fit and to get the greatest amount of comfort, you need to make sure your hearing aid fits perfectly.

The process involves the specialist inserting a thin probe microphone into the ear canal right next to the hearing aid. The audiologist then takes those readings of the precise sound levels the user experienced while the hearing aid was in place. From there, the audiologist can adjust the sound levels as necessary to provide a more precise experience for the user.

Why Is an REM Important?

Using REM allows a professional to record and measure the performance of any hearing instruments while you are wearing them. It verifies that the hearing aid works ideally. In the event there are any discrepancies, the specialist can make adjustments as necessary to ensure you hear to the best of your ability.

All hearing aid manufacturers rely on specialized programming software when fitting any kind of digital aid. This is referred to as the “best fit” approach. In many cases, this “best fit” falls short of true accuracy. It is not the fault of the manufacturers as everyone has different canals, and the software is not equipped for so many variables. This is where Real Ear Measurement comes into play.

REM allows professionals to program the hearing aid to enable you to have your hearing aids set exactly where they should be. It sets the necessary parameters to take into account your tolerance and level of hearing loss. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and no doctor should ever tell you such. Everyone’s hearing is different, so you want to make sure your hearing aid is adequately programmed before leaving the office.

What Are the Benefits of Real Ear Measurement?

The main benefit patients receive from Real Ear Measurements is that they enjoy a “just right” level of hearing. You do not want a hearing aid that makes everything too loud, but you also do not want it making everything so soft. It should function just like your normal ears, and only a Real Ear Measurement can give you that experience.

A recent analysis found that only about 34% of all audiologists use Real Ear Measurements. This means a significant portion of the American population wear hearing aids that are not properly programmed. Before you go hiring just anyone to give you a hearing aid, you want to make sure you are actually getting what you paid for. You want to hire specialists who have years of experience with Real Ear Measurements, and Memorial Hearing fits the bill perfectly.

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If you have gone to other places only to be dissatisfied with your hearing aid, then you need to schedule a consultation with Memorial Hearing. We have experts on our staff who know how to expertly use Real Ear Measurements to allow you to hear perfectly once again. We have a wide array of hearing aids available, and we test everyone thoroughly to make sure they leave the office happy. Do your ears a favor and get a Real Ear Measurement right away.



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