Ear cleaning helps keep your hearing healthy. If you genuinely want the best ear care, it is usually advisable to have your ears cleaned by a professional instead of doing it yourself. You may need professional ear cleaning if you have earwax blockage or other ear problems.

If you live in the Houston area and require expert ear cleaning services, Memorial Hearing is a reputable provider of audiological services.

Do I Need My Ears Cleaned?

If your hearing is okay, you don’t have any pain, and your earwax is yellow, you shouldn’t worry about cleaning your ear canals. You can gently clean the outside of your ears to keep yourself feeling clean.

If you’re prone to earwax blockage or notice warning signs of excessive earwax build-up in one or both ears, you should consider having your ears cleaned by a professional. A professional ear clean is a risk-free way to eliminate wax build-up when experiencing symptoms like itching, irritation, or pain. You don’t risk harming the interior of your ears, so keep an “ear” out for these four signs that you may need a professional ear cleaning.

  • 1. Blocked Ears

If you feel like your ears are clogged, you may have developed a build-up of wax. While earwax is a completely healthy material crucial to maintaining clean ears, excess earwax can get stuck and block a large portion of the ear canal, thus causing problems. So, if you’re experiencing ear blockage, it is a sign that you should see an audiologist and have your ears professionally cleaned.

  • 2. Ear Pain

If you are experiencing ear pain, there could be too much earwax lodged in your ear canal. Infections typically caused by excessive earwax accumulation resulting in the wax hardening can also be blamed for causing ear pain. The hard wax inside your ear is what is causing the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing since it is pressing against the nerves. If the pain you’re experiencing comes from earwax build-up in your ears, a professional ear clean can help eliminate the pain.

  • 3. Dark Earwax

The color of the earwax coming out of your ear is another indicator to watch out for. If your ear starts discharging dark earwax, it is a clear sign that you need to clean out the accumulation of debris in your ears. If the earwax coming out of your ear is darker than usual, going to an audiologist to get your ears professionally cleaned is the best action to take.

  • 4. Loss of Hearing

Many people might not believe it, but significant earwax build-up in the ear might cause someone to have unexpected hearing loss. The build-up of wax in your ear may obstruct your ear canal and impair your hearing ability. Hearing loss indicates that the extra wax needs to be cleaned out of your ear. If you start to experience hearing loss, it’s possible that all it will take to return your hearing to normal is for an audiologist to clean your ears thoroughly.

When to Contact an Audiologist

If you’re not experiencing any of the signs above, your ears are cleaning themselves very well. If you’re experiencing ear discomfort or you feel as if your ears are clogged, it is essential to speak with an ear care specialist to determine the exact cause of the problem and receive prompt treatment. Therefore, you should contact an audiologist and schedule a diagnostic hearing exam as soon as you can if you notice any of these issues.

Professional Ear Cleaning & Evaluation in Houston

If you notice that you’re having any of the signs above or your hearing is not what it used to be, schedule an appointment at The Memorial Hearing Ear Spa for professional ear cleaning with our Earigator™ and evaluation. Having your ears cleaned or, at the very least, evaluated by an audiologist is always an excellent idea.

Memorial Hearing Ear Spa is home to highly qualified audiologists who have successfully helped hundreds of patients. Are you ready for a professional ear clean? Call (713) 984-7562 or contact us through our online form to arrange an appointment.


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