Many cases of hearing loss go untreated in the Houston area because, historically, hearing aids have had some significant issues. They’ve been too expensive and without the necessary features that make them easy to wear all day. That is, they can be bulky, uncomfortable, and very visible. 

Eargo, though, has crafted a product that seeks to eliminate those issues through a combination of the latest audio and comfort technology. That is, they can help you hear again while providing all-day comfort at an affordable price. 

Is Eargo a Hearing Aid or Amplifier? 

The difference between a hearing aid and an amplifier is a subtle but essential one. Hearing amplifiers boost all sounds, making them useful on certain occasions but potentially damaging to your hearing when used all day. Ideally, hearing amplifiers should be used for specific activities like theatre-going or birdwatching. We will go into further detail about the Eargo hearing device.

Hearing aids, on the other hand, are sophisticated devices designed to help people who have frequency-specific hearing loss. This means hearing aids don’t crank up the volume of the world around you. Instead, they help add clarity to the sound.

For instance, Eargo, which are considered hearing aids, are designed to allow bass sounds to pass through the hearing aid unimpeded. They only enhance sounds high in the treble, which helps those with frequency-specific hearing loss. 

What Makes Eargo Different From Other Hearing Aids? 

Eargo has five ways it differentiates itself from other hearing aids. The first difference is affordability. Eargo hearing aids are inexpensive when compared to the competition. If you’re on a budget, they offer monthly payment plans that make Eargo an option for almost everyone. 

The second another way that Eargo separates itself from other hearing aids is its design. Eargo hearing aids are made to fit directly into your ear canal, making them nearly invisible to other people. Many people avoid hearing aids due to the uncomfortable conversations they may spark, but that won’t be an issue with Eargo hearing aids. Ironically, it’s more likely you’ll find yourself pointing them out to others to show how discreet they are. 

These hearing aids are also made to be worn all day. They are made with Flexi Fibers, a soft material that keeps the aid in the ear without entirely blocking the canal. If you look closely, they appear like they’re floating in the ear canal, even though they are secured enough to stay in place during moderate physical activity. 

We’ve already discussed how Eargo hearing aids allow the bass to pass through without diminishing the sound while enhancing treble sounds. However, unlike behind-the-ear hearing aids that amplify the sounds behind you, Eargo helps boost the sound of what’s happening in front of you. The way Eargo helps you hear is the fourth significant difference. 

Finally, Eargo hearing aids are powered by rechargeable batteries. So, you won’t have to deal with expensive specialty batteries that need regular replacement. Instead, you’ll use the included USB-powered carrying case to charge the hearing aids. Because the case is portable, you can also charge them when you’re on the go. 

How Well Do They Work? 

Eargo hearing aids were released to critical acclaim. One model, the Eargo Max, was named one of Time Magazine’s Best Innovations in 2018, and other models have received positive reviews upon their release. 

It should be noted that not everyone’s hearing loss is the same. This is why some models of Eargo hearing aids have custom sound profiles, making it easy to adjust the volume. You can also set individual hearing aids to different profiles. So, if there is a greater loss of hearing in one ear than the other, you can set the hearing aids for an extra boost in that specific ear. 

Overall, the reviews are clear. Eargo hearing aids are more comfortable, less expensive, and work better than other hearing aids on the market. 

How Can I Get Eargo Hearing Aids? 

Before purchasing hearing aids, you should get your hearing checked by a specialist. At Memorial Hearing, we recommend a multipart diagnostic exam that helps better determine your ability to hear.  

At our Houston office, we’ll visually assess your ear, examine the middle ear, and conduct audio testing. This helps us uncover the specific hearing issues you’re dealing with and lets us come up with the best solution for your specific needs. 

Why Memorial Hearing? 

Suppose you’re finding yourself asking people to repeat themselves more often, hearing prolonged ringing, or having issues communicating over the phone and other technologies. In that case, it’s time to schedule a hearing exam. At Memorial Hearing, we’re proud to serve the Houston area. As a private practice, we make sure to take the time needed to answer your questions and address any concerns you have. Make an appointment today by calling us at (713) 984-7562 or contacting us online.