Hearing loss is a common problem experienced by many people, which can occur for a variety of reasons. By getting the problem professionally evaluated, you will know whether it’s something like impacted wax that requires a thorough cleaning, or something more fundamental that could benefit from having hearing aids fitted. If you suspect you may have a hearing issue, here are some of the signs to look out for:

Saying “What” A Lot

If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves more than you used to, this could be a sign of hearing loss, especially if it occurs with many different people and in different environments. You can’t always rely on others to point this out for you, as they may be uncomfortable bringing the matter up. The flipside to asking people to repeat themselves is bluffing or pretending that you understood something that someone said even if you didn’t just so you don’t have to ask them to repeat themselves. This is even worse as it may look like you have no idea what they are talking about or that you’re not even paying attention at all.

Hearing People but Not Understanding Them

Sometimes the key to recognizing a hearing issue is not being unable to hear but instead struggling to understand what it is they are saying. Your hearing may be affected at selected frequencies, changing the sounds of what people say and making what you hear more muffled and less distinct. It may not necessarily be the volume that’s the issue, rather the clarity.

Intentional Avoidance of Certain Situations

You may notice that you withdraw more frequently from social occasions or purposefully avoid putting yourself in situations where hearing could be a challenge. Maybe you find yourself only eating out at quiet restaurants, not because you prefer the food or even the atmosphere, but because you feel like you have no choice as otherwise you would be completely lost if you went somewhere more noisy. By doing this you are acting in response to your recognition of your hearing loss. However, a much better course of action is to have it evaluated by taking a Houston hearing test as there are steps you can take that can get you comfortable in these situations again.

You Struggle With Phones and Other Technology

Hearing is generally more of a challenge on phones and other devices, and everyone has issues with this to some degree. This is why we say “S as in Sam” or “F as in Frank” when spelling certain words over the phone, however, if you actually have hearing loss, for example, in the high frequencies, understanding someone over the phone will be significantly more difficult during the conversation. Though you might do fine with face-to-face conversations, if you notice you are more reluctant to speak over the phone or find it increasingly difficult to do so, that could be an early sign of hearing issues.

Other People Tell You The TV or Music is Too Loud

You may not notice you have gradually turned the volume on your television or music player up more and more over time to compensate for your hearing loss, but others around you will have. If you are constantly being told it’s too loud, that’s a strong indication that the time has arrived to see a Houston hearing specialist.

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