How Do You Choose the Right Pair of Hearing Aids?

When choosing hearing aids, it is essential to consider devices not just recommended for your type of hearing loss, but also which ones will work best for your lifestyle. For example, if you go to restaurants often or are in meetings or situations where you have trouble hearing in background noise, then you should consider more of a premium level of technology rather than entry-level hearing aids. There are a lot of available types of hearing aid these days, meaning there is sure to be a hearing aid at Memorial Hearing that works for you. Your Houston audiologist works with not just one or two brands of hearing aids like most offices in Houston, rather there are five hearing aid brands to choose from so you can be sure that there will be something available to suit your needs.

Choosing the right Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Visibility

How visible you want your hearing aids to be to others when you are wearing them is an entirely personal choice and will influence whether you go for a behind-the-ear model or ones that fit in the ear. If desired, your modern hearing aids can be highly discreet, but regardless of whether the aids are behind-the-ear or the “invisible” in-the-ear hearing aids, most hearing aid styles are pretty discreet these days and have their pros and cons, which your audiologist at Memorial Hearing will discuss with you.

Manual Dexterity

How comfortable you are fiddling with small devices can also help determine which are the best type of hearing aids for you. If this is a concern, your Houston hearing specialist can find devices for you that avoids this and pick something that best suits your needs. Features such as hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth integration with apps that will allow for changes rather than having to use the tiny buttons on the aids, as well as the different style and brand options will be considered.

Smartphone Integration

Believe it or not, modern hearing aids can now integrate with your smartphone whether it’s an iPhone or Android using Bluetooth technology. If you are into technology and like this idea, you will want to focus on hearing aids that have this capability. If you would like to keep things simple, you may still want to consider hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities and pick and choose which parts of the features you may prefer to use. Depending on which level of technology on your hearing aids will also determine how much you may depend on using the apps on your smartphone to make changes to your hearing aids.

What you need to hear

Different people have very different needs when it comes to hearing aids. If you are a musician, you may need the best possible hearing over a wide range of frequencies. At Memorial Hearing, we have decided to work with 5 different hearing aid brands for this reason- there’s definitely not one perfect hearing aid manufacturer. If you work in a busy environment with a lot of background noise, however, you may prefer a device that tends to minimize that while letting you hear the person you are talking to. This may not change much across brands, rather the level of technology.

Types of Hearing Aids At Memorial Hearing

We carry a wide variety of hearing aids from the leading manufacturers in the business, including many behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids that work well for maximum comfort. For those who prefer something more discreet, our selection of different in-the-ear hearing aids is well worth taking a look at.

These can even be fitted by your Houston audiologist to be a perfect match for your ear, by molding your hearing aid to the contours of the ear canal. We even work with the type of device that allows for patients with SSD (single-sided deafness) to benefit as we would put a hearing aid on the aidable/better ear meanwhile we would put a transmitter that picks up sounds and voices that are coming from the un-aidable/deaf side and crosses the sound over wirelessly to the side with the better hearing so that the better ear can pick it up allowing you to not have to turn your head so much with the better ear to the side from which the poorer ear is trying to listen.

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