Annual hearing evaluations are an important part of your overall health. You regularly see a physician for your yearly physical, you visit the dentist twice each year, and you should see your audiologist once per year as well. At your exam, there are a few tests the audiologist might conduct. One of those tests may be the One is Cognivue, which is available at Memorial Hearing in Houston, TX.

What Is Cognivue?

Cognivue is an innovative hearing test that is easy to complete. Self-administered by the patient, it takes only five minutes to conduct after a four-minute introductory video. The biases and challenges that were once a part of audiology screenings are removed, and a natural process occurs. When the screening is complete, the patient will watch a one-minute post video to quickly and easily understand the next steps. There are three reports that will then be printed:

The Thrive Report –

  • This is a report for you to see scores for three cognitive areas (memory, visuospatial, and executive function) and two-speed performance areas (reaction time and processing time). It gives a small description of your abilities, as well as the impact your score will have on your hearing and overall health.

The Health Care Provider Letter –

  • This is a report you can take to a health care professional if you wish to share the results of your test. It gives a brief rundown of what the test entails, so your medical provider will know how to best help you.

The CogniWell Program –

  • This document gives you evidence-based recommendations, so you can be proactive at managing your lifestyle when it comes to risk factors related to audiology and cognition. It typically touches on multiple areas of life including mental health, physical exercise, sleep and relaxation, social connections, medical risks, and a healthy diet.

What Does Audiology Have To Do With Cognition?

There is a true and obvious relationship between hearing and cognition. Hearing loss has been shown to be the number one risk factor affecting cognitive decline, but it can be modified with proper diagnosis and treatment. When your ears pick up sounds, they are delivered to the brain through the auditory nerve. The brain recognizes those electrical impulses as “sound.” If you are dealing with hearing loss, there will be fewer sounds that make it to your brain. The brain will then shift in the way it operates, in hopes of making up for the loss.

When we intervene with proper practices, cognitive decline can actually be reversed. The research is still ongoing, but it’s a promising sign for audiologists and those with hearing loss. When you take part in Cognivue audiology testing, we are able to focus more on the cognitive concerns related to your audiology concerns.

How Is Cognivue Different From Other Screening Methods?

Every audiology screening method has its benefits, including Cognivue. Perhaps how this test is the most different from other methods is that it provides the most accurate results while achieving quality, non-invasive patient care. This cognitive test doesn’t use paper and pencil. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and there is no room for human error. The bias and variability of other exams are nearly eliminated, and interpretation doesn’t cost time or money. Audiologists are able to incorporate the results to enhance your outcome as a patient, and it happens almost immediately.

There’s not a lot of training that goes into administering this test. The hearing test equipment consists of a portable, laptop-like device. That’s it! The dashboard is user-friendly with comprehensive resources, making it simple and effective.

Where Can I Receive This Test?

Memorial Hearing is a practice focused on patients and quality customer service. We realize you have a variety of health-related needs, and we are experts at diagnosing and treating those issues related to your hearing. Cognivue is one of the tests we can conduct at your appointment. Located in Houston, TX, we serve many patients throughout the surrounding area. Some other tests that might be conducted at your appointment include:

An Otoscopy –

  • This gives us a visual into your ear, allowing us to assess what’s going on and if there are signs of infection or other types of irritation.

Immittance Testing –

  • With a small probe in your ear, we are able to record responses from impulses and tones. This is particularly effective for diagnosing middle ear problems.

Audiometric Testing –

  • Through headphones, this test plays different sounds that you will give feedback about. It allows us to see what the very softest is that you can hear.

Getting Started

At Memorial Hearing, we are waiting to help you achieve the greatest in hearing healthcare. Contact us to learn more about Cognivue and our other audiology testing practices. Whether you’ve been experiencing issues or just need to schedule your yearly assessment, give us a call at (713) 984-7562 or visit our office in Houston, TX, today.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/ bearsky23