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Have you ever been bothered by a persistent ringing in the ears? Or perhaps you’ve noticed a low humming or buzzing in one or both ears, a phantom noise that doesn’t seem to go away with time.

What many patients assume is a temporary frustration or side effect, could actually be a sign of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a common issue experienced by 15 to 20 percent of individuals. And although tinnitus may only initially be a slight annoyance, it can often develop into a highly bothersome condition that impedes your everyday life over time.

Your Options for the Management and Treatment for Tinnitus

With a range of options available for tinnitus therapy (TRT), many patients are able to find relief. The specific treatment will often depend on whether your doctor can identify an underlying condition, and whether fixing that issue will resolve the tinnitus as well.

Some common ways to treat tinnitus include:

  • Professional earwax removal
  • Changes in medication
  • Treatment of a blood vessel condition
  • Noise suppression devices (such as wearable masking devices, hearing aids, and white noise machines)
  • Tinnitus retraining

The best first step towards treatment is a consultation with an audiologist certified in tinnitus management for people dealing with tinnitus. Using specialized knowledge obtained through a focused program of study, these certified hearing doctors can take a more informed approach to tinnitus diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Crystal Wiggins & Dr. Erika Wilcox: Certified Tinnitus Doctors in Houston

For patients that are experiencing tinnitus, the search for effective treatment can be a difficult one.

Although some Houston audiologists have some standard knowledge of the common treatments and causes of tinnitus, it is one of the more uniquely complex conditions in the field of audiology. As a result, tinnitus sufferers tend to achieve the best results for treatment and management when they see a doctor specifically certified in tinnitus.

According to the American Tinnitus Association, “an audiologist trained in tinnitus management can explain different types of tinnitus treatments and management techniques.” Memorial Hearing’s Dr. Crystal Wiggins & Dr. Erika Wilcox  have worked closely with a diverse range of tinnitus cases, leading them to pursue professional certification in tinnitus management in order to better serve the needs of our patients.

Dr. Crystal Staff Picture
Dr. Crystal Wiggins

As a Tinnitus Management (CH-TM™) Certificate Holders, Dr. Wiggins and Dr. Wilcox have completed the required training and assessment to demonstrate extensive knowledge of:

  • The various types of tinnitus and the characteristics of each
  • Potential underlying conditions that may cause tinnitus, including the current theories of medical experts
  • Effective approaches for assessment and intervention
  • Varied treatments supported by medical evidence
  • How to conduct a comprehensive audiological evaluation to assess the best course of action for each individual patient
  • How to provide useful health information, resources, and referrals to other providers to support patients in tinnitus management and treatment
  • How to successfully collaborate with various medical providers, include experts in head and neck surgery, ear, nose, and throat doctors, and general practitioners to achieve optimal patient results
  • The ways in which associated hearing problems, including hearing loss and decreased sound tolerance (DST) may be treated alongside tinnitus

What does this mean for you? If you are currently experiencing problems with tinnitus in one or both ears, Dr. Wiggins and Dr. Wilcox are exceptionally well-qualified to help you find relief and restore your quality of life. Their ABA certification sets them apart as leading Houston tinnitus specialists, distinguishing them from other Texas audiologists and offering new hope to patients with tinnitus.

A Texas Tinnitus Specialist You Can Trust

It is important to understand that if you believe you may have tinnitus, there is

Dr. Erika Wilcox

help available – but choosing the right medical provider is key. The American Tinnitus Association has developed a patient guide to navigating tinnitus, in which they urge patients to meet with a qualified audiologist if ringing in one ear or both ears persists beyond one week.

Furthermore, they encourage patients to consider the following when selecting a doctor for tinnitus:

  • Is the audiologist familiar with the most recent tinnitus management options currently available to the medical community?
  • What tinnitus therapy and treatment options are provided by the audiologist?
    Does the audiologist have experience with determining the various causes of tinnitus?
  • Is the audiologist prepared to handle rare cases involving unique pre-existing conditions or concurrent symptoms?
  • Which masking devices, hearing aids, and other items can they provide for noise management purposes?
  • Is all medical advice based on the  Clinical Practice Guideline for tinnitus from the American Academy of Otolaryngology?

At Memorial Hearing, we are confident that we can answer the above questions – and any others you may have – to your satisfaction.

Memorial Hearing: Providing Tinnitus Treatment in Houston, TX

If you believe you may be dealing with tinnitus, Memorial Hearing in Houston, TX can help. For many people, tinnitus symptoms can cause a decrease in their quality of life, affecting their everyday routines and activities. However, with the right treatment for tinnitus, you may be able to reduce or even eliminate the frustrating symptoms.

Our Houston tinnitus doctor holds a certificate in Tinnitus Management (CH-TM™) from the American Academy of Audiology, making her extremely qualified to support patients dealing with this common condition. As a participants in the ABA CH-TM program, Dr. Crystal Wiggins and Dr. Erika Wilcox posses a detailed understanding of tinnitus complexities, including its different forms, causes, and intervention techniques. They are specially trained to evaluate the unique factors contributing to each patient’s tinnitus using an advanced assessment approach, ensuring that the optimal tinnitus therapy and treatment is used for best results.

Find effective treatment for tinnitus in Houston at Memorial Hearing by contacting our office online or reaching out by calling (832) 981-5062 today.


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“Nothing but good things to say about the staff and facility at Memorial Hearing.
This was my first time going to Memorial Hearing after seeing them on TickTok doing a ear irrigation!!!

I was greeted upon entering, and was in awe of the classy waiting room setup; it’s not your typical stuffy unattractive waiting room; which was so refreshing. To top it off they have a AMAZING coffee/tea bar at your disposal while you wait to be seen. Latte anyone?? Yes, please!

Dr. Wiggins was very sweet, attentive, and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and would defiantly recommend her to my family and friends.

Thank you Memorial Hearing!”

— Jamie R.