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If you are suffering from tinnitus, your Houston audiologist can help evaluate your condition and recommend the best solution through the use of new therapies.

What is Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the perception or hearing of a sound that isn’t really present, meaning you still hear it even in the absence of measurable sound. Although many people associate the word tinnitus as having “ringing” in the ears, is really the “umbrella term” for any kind of sound, whether it’s ringing, buzzing, chirping, pulsing, sizzling, high pitch, low pitch, etc. It can occur in one ear or be in both, although sometimes it just sounds like it’s in the middle of the head as well. Though tinnitus usually is not physically harmful, it can be disturbing, especially if it leads to anxiety, stress, difficulty sleeping, and fatigue. Ironically, these are the same things that can exacerbate the tinnitus, so it’s best to avoid stress, fatigue, too much caffeine, and such if suffering from tinnitus. It can also greatly interfere with your powers of concentration, so it’s important to look into options if you suffer from tinnitus.

Causes of Tinnitus

Tinnitus refers to the condition of hearing sounds that aren’t there as opposed to the underlying cause, which can be due to a wide range of factors. Age plays a role, as can permanent damage caused to
sensitive cells in the ear due to exposure to loud noises over an extended period. Acute exposure to loud noise can lead to temporary tinnitus that resolves itself over time. Tinnitus usually goes hand-in-hand with hearing loss, although there are many people who have tinnitus that have a normal hearing as well.

Patient Evaluation

If you are bothered by a constant sound (or intermittent for that matter) in your head or ears, you should have it evaluated by a Houston hearing specialist. You will be questioned to learn as much as possible about your experience of tinnitus and to understand when it is the most bothersome. Comprehensive testing of your hearing will be made and a set of measurements performed to match
the pitch and effective loudness of the sound you are hearing. This is useful when using real sounds to mask what you are hearing, which can make it less disturbing using habituation techniques in tinnitus
retraining therapy (TRT).

Tinnitus Therapy (TRT)

Though it may not be possible to treat or cure the root cause that leads to tinnitus, new methods for dealing with tinnitus are available. This does not treat the underlying condition as there is technically no cure for tinnitus but instead trains your brain to not be bothered by it. If you think about certain
real sounds, like rain falling on a roof or an AC unit running, though you hear them at first, your brain can ‘tune them out’ when you are concentrating on something. Similarly, your Houston audiologist can
help you use this ability to reduce the negative impact of your tinnitus. This is a multi-pronged approach involving reducing anxiety levels and masking tinnitus with other real sounds, with the goal of
habituating your brain to it so it does not trouble you.

If you are struggling with the effects of tinnitus or otherwise have a problem with your hearing, contact Memorial Hearing to schedule an appointment to have your ears evaluated and learn more about Houston tinnitus therapy.

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