Hearing Aid Evaluation & Fitting

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Dr. Pourasef will spend ample time thoroughly explaining the test results with each patient. If it is determined that amplification is necessary, hearing aid options can also be discussed on the same day as the examination. Depending on the stock available as well as the amount of time left in the appointment, patients may get to walk out with hearing aids as early as the same day of the exam! Many patients prefer to order hearing aids closely matching their hair color (if aid is a behind-the-ear/receiver in the canal style), which would therefore take a few days to come in and be fit, usually within a 2-3 days of the initial appointment. If custom in-the-ear hearing aids are ordered, standard 1-2 week time should be allowed for fitting of the aids (rush shipping available). Memorial Hearing offers the latest digital hearing aids from leading manufacturers, including devices with bluetooth technology.

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