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At Memorial Hearing, we do our best to fix the hearing aids in-house if a repair is needed so that the patient can go about their business as usual. However, if the aid needs to be sent to the manufacturer for repair, we offer loaner hearing aids so that the patient can still have a hearing instrument to hear well with while waiting for the instrument to get back from repair!

At Memorial Hearing, we make sure you always start out with functioning hearing aids. But problems can and do develop later, and although they will have a warranty on them in case we need to send them out for repair, you can also minimize the chances of this by keeping your hearing aids clean to avoid clogging the microphones and sound ports. Because hearing aids are such intricate compact devices, they can still become clogged or fail in other ways despite your best efforts, which is why we are here to help you with your aids even after your initial visit. We even offer a wide selection of loaner hearing aids at no charge to you while your aids are being repaired at the manufacturer, should that ever happen.

Does My Hearing Aid Need Repair?

The easiest clue is when it simply does not work at all, although there are a few checks you need to do first to make sure it really is dead. You can take your finger and rub the microphone port to also check; if you don’t hear a scratching sound then it is likely not functioning. Look to see that it is turned on, and the battery door is completely shut. Also, make sure that the battery is not the issue; take the battery out of the other (working) aid and put it in the dead aid. If it still doesn’t work, then it’s not the battery. Having the volume turned all the way down can also be the culprit.

The number one reason a hearing aid stops working is due to ear wax, and this issue can be fixed in the comfort of your own home. Most hearing aids nowadays have some sort of wax filtration system, usually in the form of a packet with sticks; one end of the stick has the new filter, the other end has an empty spot to pull out the old one. Your Houston audiologist will provide you with these wax filters when you first take your hearing devices home as well as when you run low. They can always be ordered through Memorial Hearing and be shipped directly to your home. Instructions will be provided as to how to change them, but feel free to email your audiologist to send you a link to a helpful “how to” video should you forget how to change the wax filters.

The Steps Involved in Hearing Aid Repair

Your audiologist will inspect your hearing aid, check the battery for you, and look for any obvious signs of damage. We will remove dirt and clogs, and inspect the wax filter and replace it if necessary. We will also look to see if any of the intricate components have been damaged, and, if so, replace them or send them to the manufacturer to be repaired. Common issues that can damage internal components are excessive clogging and wax deposition, submersion in a liquid, and physical trauma.

Our Loaner Aid Program

We keep a lot of hearing aid components and supplies on hand, including replacement receivers, batteries, filters, domes/tips and dehumidifiers, to be able to repair your hearing aid on the spot and get you on your way. But sometimes we need to send your hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair, which takes more time.

We ship hearing aids out for repair using FedEx overnight shipping, but depending on how busy the manufacturer is, it could be as little as a few days to as long as two weeks to get aids back from being repaired. Because we don’t want you to be unable to hear properly for any length of time, we offer a loaner hearing aid program so you will have something while your unit is out for repair. We can’t say it will be quite the ideal match that your own hearing aid is, but we will certainly provide you with something to get you by.

Personal & Professional Hearing Aid Repair in Houston

At Memorial Hearing in Houston, our goal is to see you are always treated in a personal and professional manner, both when you first come to see us and afterward too. If you are struggling with hearing loss or have a problem with your hearing aids, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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