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In today’s busy and loud world, the health of your ears suffers all too easily and serious damage can result. While it’s not always possible to remove yourself from every dangerously loud environment, a high level of protection is achievable through the use of custom ear plugs.

Hearing & Ear Protection

Prolonged exposure to loud noises over time can damage your ears, with partial hearing loss that can be irreversible as the result. Some professions are known for the loud noise they expose workers to, such as construction, airport workers, and recording artists. But almost everyone is exposed to loud noises now and then. Hobbies, like working in the shop creating things or recreational shooting/hunting create dangerously loud noises that can be harmful if you do not protect your ears.

Various Kinds of Custom Ear Plugs & Their Uses

Just like ears do, custom ear plugs need to come in a range of sizes and shapes if they are to perform well. Most people are familiar with cheap drugstore ear plugs that are basically a little more than a cylindrical piece that has to be manually inserted a particular way (which most people don’t do properly as it is) offers very minimal protection, if even inserted correctly in the first place. When you get a custom ear plug, it has been shaped to match the precise contour of each of your ears for the best fit and maximum noise protection.

Custom ear plugs can be hard or soft depending on the type, and can be optimized for high noise environments or to offer more modest protection. For situations where it is necessary to protect against loud noise but where people still need to be able to communicate, such as in a recording studio or a dental office, special filters may be used to preferentially eliminate certain sounds. There are many other specialty situations that may call for a particular custom ear plug, such as sporting activities such as swimming. Whether you are in a spin or aerobics class at your gym where they usually have the music blasting or you are enjoying a concert or a sporting event- wherever there is noise exposure, do your ears a favor by getting the best possible protection for them from a Houston hearing specialist like Memorial Hearing.

Why You Should Come to Memorial Hearing for Custom Ear Plugs

At Memorial Hearing, we take the time required to understand your particular needs to determine the best custom solution. Impressions can be taken for your ear plugs by our Houston audiologist, Dr. Elly Pourasef, in our office and we provide excellent follow-up care and a remake service to ensure any devices you get from us are always fitting precisely as they should. We can also test your hearing if you are concerned that you may already be experiencing hearing loss.

If you are concerned about hearing damage, custom ear plugs are a click or tap away when you schedule an appointment with Memorial Hearing Houston.

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